Thursday, October 23, 2014

Falling for the skin benefits of pumpkin!

PUMPKIN – why sell yourself short? You convince so many people into thinking you’re made solely to be cut open and gutted. Sure, you offer seeds that are tasty to toast and eat. You invite children into the opportunity of playing with knives when their parents wouldn’t otherwise let them. You act as décor, too. But let’s be honest, you go unnoticed next to that pie that is made up of your insides.
You are loved and appreciated pumpkin, and we want to celebrate you year round. Better yet, we want to celebrate you daily by putting you to good use. The only way to do so is not to confine you to a can filled with preservatives – you are worth so much more to us than that. It’s time to break out of Fall and show others what you’re really made of.
Did you know that pumpkin benefits our body most when it is used on our skin? What it is made of is crazy power to exfoliate, brighten, soften, soothe and prevent aging. If you thought you liked pumpkin before, get ready to Fall (no pun intended. Ok, you caught me – maybe a little) in deep love with the plump little fruit you didn’t use on your skin before. The ingredients that comprise our precious pumpkin make it is skin POWERHOUSE. Here’s the method to pumpkin’s madness:

ZINC – Residing in those tasty seeds, it actually helps cure acne by controlling the hormone level and oil production of your skin. (TWO FOR ONE SALE) Zinc also fights inflammation.

FRUIT ENZYMES & ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS – We’re glad these two came to play! They increase cell turnover, and act as a natural exfoliator - which means your skin will be smoother and brighter - resulting in a more even skin tone that won’t throw the color wheel off by figuring out in which color group it belongs.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS & VITAMIN E – Those seeds are at it again! Because of them, your skin’s sebum will be regulated – which is just what oily skin needs to be put into check.

VITAMIN A & VITAMIN C – Prevent signs of aging by boosting your collagen production with these incredible vitamins.  They aid in the softening and soothing of your skin as well. Just like you, your skin should have it’s daily vitamins!

ANTIOXIDANTS – There’s nothing better than having an ingredient actively fighting the free radicals we are exposed to daily in the form of polluted air and environmental toxins. Thanks for acting as a barrier to keep our skin safe, antioxidants! You rock.

See, Pumpkin? That wasn’t so bad. It’s good to come clean and reveal what you are capable of. I don’t think our readers will view you in pie form the same - EVER. AGAIN. Like our very own superhero – Pumpkin is working hard to protect and serve once it hits our skin. Keep on, keeping on Pumpkin. You do your beneficial thang!

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