Friday, April 24, 2015

Review of Schmidt's Deodorant vs. Primally Pure Deodorant

The number one question I get is "when are you going to make a deodorant"? Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll ever launch one. For about a year I worked on and tested deodorant formulations, but even the best deodorant we made caused a bit of baking soda sensitivity (contact dermatitis) even with the lowest percentages of baking soda, and we just didn't want to add something we weren't 100% sure our customers would love. Lately, I've been on my own search for natural deodorants and I've come across a few good ones. 

Usually I buy one and it works fabulously for a while, then inevitably my body adjusts to it and it gives me some sort of issue, such as irritated skin, or just stops working all together. Until I found Schmidt's Deodorant. It's really a great deodorant. I love the scent combination options, that it comes in glass packaging and, most of all, that it works. And continues to work. 
(Natural deodorants are not antiperspirants. Your body should sweat. It's kind of important that it does. So, if you're looking for something that will keep you from sweating, you won't find it here.)

After I'd been using Schmidt's Deodorant for a while, I was introduced to Primally Pure Deodorant. Primally Pure is a new company, but I've been using their deodorant for the past month and it's been incredibly effective. I also haven't experienced any irritation from it. That's a WIN! Keep reading for the break down of pros and cons (my opinion) of these two deodorants.

Glass packaging
(if it melts, it can cool again without leaking)
Scent combinations
Great customer service
Continues to work for months and months

You have to apply it with an applicator 
(but it is in a glass container, so...)
I experienced a little bit of baking soda sensitivity after a week or two of using.
(not as bad as some natural deos, but it's still there)
Consistency is kinda hard so you really have to rub it in

Application is easy - like traditional deodorant
Great customer service
The consistency is creamy and goes on easily
It works and I don't get any sensitivity
Continues to work (one month in!)

Plastic packaging
It doesn't last as long as Schmidt's Deodorant
(probably due to the creaminess - you end up using more. because they both contain 2 oz. of product)
More expensive on the cost and shipping

If you want convenience and effectiveness and you don't really mind the extra cost, Primally Pure Deodorant takes the cake. Their product is superior. It does contain tallow (which is what contributes to minimal baking soda sensitivity) so if you're vegan, this might be a deal breaker. Otherwise, their product works really well and is easy to use.

If you want a win-win and aren't really sensitive to baking soda, Schmidt's Deodorant is the most responsible and economical overall. It works really well, costs less, lasts longer, and their product is packaged in reusable glass jars.

Betsy + Iya

Okay, so I have a new obsession. Honestly, I'm not really a huge accessory person. When I was first engaged, it took me months to get used to the new clunky hunk of metal on my finger. I would slam it into surfaces, snag my sweaters on it, and forget to put it on all the time. But, I've gotten used to the idea of wearing jewelry as of late, although I'm still a work in progress. I stumbled upon betsy and iya while browsing Instagram (@betsyandiya) and fell in love with their shop. I love that their products are handmade (like ours!) in Portland. Maybe someday, we'll get to work with them. As promised (to my IG followers) here's what came in the mail a few days after I made my first purchase:

How adorable is this ring? I was thinking about this one, and I even had it in my cart, but I ended up settling on the Night Watch ring because it seems the most versatile for me and the safest bet since I'm working on getting used to accessorizing.

I was wearing my new ring today and was lucky enough to have Kara Noel (from small things are big things) around (we maybe kind of live together) to get a few pictures of me working. I've been wrapping soaps for a customer's shower favors (my favorite.. I love helping make someone's celebration day special).

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lettering with Lauren of Laurenish Designs

This weekend I had the pleasure of learning all about lettering with Lauren of Laurenish Designs ( Here are some photos from her fun class! 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Our Halloween DIY Costumes!

This year we pretty much threw together super last minute. Pinterest came in handy and as for Donald, well, he just made his costume up out of thin air. It's pretty epic if you ask me. In case you're wondering, I'm a lady out of a comic book and Bailey is an old woman. Her costume was so fun to make.. and we had mostly everything we needed. 

This is my dress - yes, an adult sized dress. It just happen to have this hand drawstring in the middle that ties as tight as you want it to. So, we cinched it right up and clothes pinned the back so that the straps stayed up on her.

I went to the craft store to get gray yarn to make a wig for Bailey, but then I saw these cute bobbin thingamajigs. I thought they would make perfect little rollers for her hair. So, we painted them pink and rolled them up with mini bobby pins.

We added a cardigan, purse, "cane"... and, of course, a tennis ball and she was ready to go!

Oh, and some sandals WITH socks. :)

Dana helped... a lot. And I helped paint her face like the stunning FOX she is. ;)
Hope you're Halloween was fun! What did you dress up as? 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Why you need to know about phthalates...

What are phthalates? 

To prevent being labeled a chatty Cathy, we like to give you information on a NEED-TO-KNOW basis – and in this case, you NEED to know what Phthalates are because they are so commonly used that they are referred to as an “everywhere” chemical. This over-used chemical is what makes plastic flexible, holds color in cosmetics and helps bind fragrance oils together. THIS is where the documentation of phthalates pulls a Run DMC and gets tricky.

Just because your soap smells like your favorite scent of green apple crisp on a fall day at sunset (seriously though, scents give no room for the imagination anymore.. they’re that descriptive) it’s about as unnatural as it smells. Manufacturers can mask the listing of phthalates in delicious smelling products under the broad umbrella (ella, ella eh, eh) of “fragrance”. It’s time for you to know the consequences of a seemingly simple listing in which phthalates is more than likely present.

Why are phthalates harmful?

Phthalates post more of a risk than just not knowing how to properly pronounce such a complicated word (I’m not alone here, right?)