Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Products : Bambu Earth

I'm so excited to share a few new products with you all. I've had several batches secretly curing and I'm adding a LOT of new products to my line. After months of deliberating on just the right scent combinations, here are just two of the many new soaps yet to come! Enjoy

Black Shave. Sensuous. Rich. Earthy.
As this bar glides over his skin, the mysterious scent of patchouli with a hint of sweetness unearths and lingers all day. This bar triples as a body, facial and shave bar making it ideal for the complexly simple man. Blended with activated charcoal and pink kaolin clay, this bar gives the user a close, slick shave while simultaneously drawing out impurities leaving the skin clean, clear and smooth. Avocado oil and shea butter gives this bar a luxurious moisturizing finish.

Refreshing Eucalyptus Mint Soap with Lemongrass. Minty, earthy, and cool, with a hint of lemongrass to drench your skin in a refreshing blend of moisture and aroma. Eucalyptus rounds out the tantalizing tingle of mint and the boldness of lemongrass which takes the center stage in this simple, yet enticing blend.


  1. Wow...that Eucalyptus Mint looks amazing...makes me want to smell it!

  2. They look wonderful! I can almost smell them.