Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weakless Wednesday : Fill A Tummy

Some of us know what it's like to go hungry for a day, or two or three, maybe a week or a month. Some of us by choice through fasting and prayer, some because of circumstance. Some have never experienced the feeling at all and have had their needs met consistently, praise God.

For those of us who have been there, it might be a recent experience or a far removed one, but it doesn't take much to remind us of the feeling and to have a renewed empathetic spirit toward the needs of others.

I'll share a story with you. When I was in college, I was living with roommates and supported myself through school. I was on the Crew team practicing and rowing twice a day, and taking 32 units (15 is full time). My only income came from financial aid and school grants. During our spring season, I went through a really hard time since I wasn't working and I had so many classes that I had to spend all of my money on books. For three months I ate almost nothing but rice. On rare occassions I would get help from family or roommates, but I continuously struggled with pride and I hated to be a burden to others. There was one moment I remember where I was eating an apple. I finished it all the way down to the bare core so much so that it was practically falling apart. I remember thinking to myself how many apples I had wasted because I would never come close to the core. I thought to myself, 'I will never waste an apple again'. Since then, I'm sure I haven't eaten every apple so thoroughly, but it is a reminder of where I've been and how thankful I am today that I have enough to meet not only my own needs, but also the needs of others.

This week's challenge is simple. Share a meal a day with someone you know or don't know. It is the most basic need that you can help someone meet and it is simply priceless.

Here are some ideas:

Visit the places where the homeless frequent. You will always find someone in need of a meal.

Share a meal with a neighbor in need.

Visit an elderly home or help deliver meals to the elderly.

Pay for the person behind you in a drive through. This could make someone's day.

Pack an extra lunch and send it off with your child. They can share lunch with someone at school that might be in need.

Call a nearby college and get in contact with a coach. Deliver a box of food to them and let them direct it to an athlete in need. (Trust me, there will be someone who needs it.)

Bring some extra fruit to work and share a healthy snack with a few coworkers.

Offer to buy groceries for the person behind you or in front of you in line at the supermarket.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are countless ways to share a meal with those around you. Let's work together this week to feed our communities. I'd like to challenge you to do this daily this week. Let's try not to miss one day! It could mean someone goes without a meal. I'd love to hear your stories, so please remember to come back and post!


  1. With out a doubt, you are an inspiration to me. You are a rare jewel and I admire your beauty within... As a mother I couldnt be more Proud of my daughter, God has given you a very special gift Runa Jeane and dont you ever let go of it. So many people will be touched by your LOVE and that is what makes me and God Smile... I Love You so very much. MoM

    P.S. Dont ever be to proud to ask me for anything. If your ever in need again let yourself be helped like your helping others...