Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vindemia Olive Oil


When we were finished with the hot air balloon ride, we had breakfast at the place we had departed originally, a private vineyard in the middle of Temecula wine country. The breakfast was amazing. The place is a family run business where David will make you feel like your home. They also had tall bottles of Olive Oil out for sale and I couldn't resist - I bought two. One of these gems will make it into my kitchen and the other, well, that is going to be made into a small exclusive batch of Castile Soap. I will have a few bars posted on my website when they are all done curing. In the mean time, I must thank Dave and Gayle at California Dreamin' for making our anniversary so special and so warm.




  1. I wouldn't know whether to wash or eat the soap! Just kidding! What a wonderful romantic day. It reminds me of something I would see on the Foodnetwork as a 'favorite romantic day'.

  2. Wonderful time! I loved the pictures from yesterday's post!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. That's a great price...I'd definitely buy two! =)