Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weakless Wednesday Challenge : Random Acts of Kindness


This week, your Weakless Wednesday challenge is to perform at least one random act of kindness each day to someone without telling anyone else about it.... (except us of course!) Feel free to comment about your secret generosities and thoughtful encouragements on this blog, but don't tell anyone else about them.

Sometimes, we can get caught up doing nice things because people are watching, or we search for a "pat on the back" by telling people about them. But, sometimes, telling others can dull the act itself and strip away the raw, genuine motivation behind it. This week is about doing these acts of kindness in a selfless way, without recognition from others. Lets see if we can go each day doing these stealth missions of kindness! I can't wait to see what small or big differences you all make in someone's life!

This Weakless Wednesday challenge inspired by:
Matthew 6:1-2


  1. I'm in!

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for this post!

  2. My family and I make sure to do a random act of kindness daily! So I am definitely in!

  3. What a great idea...I love to do things like this...sometimes you want to be anonymous, and it doesn't work...I hate when people ask me...did you do it?!?! =( So much for not being noticed. =)

    I will try...though I've already missed some days.