Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recycled Arts

So I'm always raving so much about recycled treasures, and I just have to share with you some original pieces I came across this weekend.

Recycled Arts Recipe

2 cups passion
1 cup creativity
4 Tbs resourcefulness

pinch of sensibility
beauty for garnish

Combine passion and creativity, mix thoroughly. Gently fold in resourcefulness until mixture becomes light and fluffy. Add a pinch of sensibility. Spoon into serving dish, garnish with beauty.

This recipe comes to mind when I see such ordinary, everyday things brought to life by an artistic, resourceful mind. I would love to share with you such originality:

This crazy cool little butterfly was once a grapesoda can. Now, it's holding up someone's kid's report card up on a fridge somewhere. And... It's beautiful. Imagine that.

Seriously? A little funky, a little urban, a splash of color and you have an upcycled masterpiece in no time. Or maybe a lot of time. I don't know, but I couldn't resist.

Time and time again. Ok, last pun... promise. But how adorable is this? A pop of golden color with some organza ribbon and cord resuscitates this vintage watch movement. Who knew something so forgotten could be so attention grabbing?

Rubber is one of those things that, unless it is natural rubber, isn't biodegradable. And a wallet is something most every man uses. Why not combine the concept? Kudos to palepink for such an innovative and practical approach.

So this is a double shot of goodness! And I'm not talkin' espresso. Not only is it recycled felted wool, but it is also stitched with organic cotton. And it's green to boot! Honestly, need I say more?

Thank you to: KMStudioDOTcom (Recycled Aluminum Can Magnet/Brooch - Grapette Butterfly), 1byliz (carrot recycled bike clock), asecondtime (Portrait of a Butterfly - Steampunk Jewelry - Vintage Watch Movement Pendant - Designed by A Second Time - FREE Shipping to the USA and Canada), palepink (Bike inner tube wallet with neon elastic closure), remadeshop (spring green recycled felt mug cosy)


  1. Thank you so much for this feature! Great job showing some awesome recycling!

  2. What a lot of great recycled items, and thanks a lot for including my bike inner tube wallet.

  3. I just want you to know I've visited your Etsy shop and now I WANT ALL YOUR SCRUBS!!! I just can't decide which one to choose between, Orange Ginger, Pink Grapefruit, Mocha-Spice, Lime Coconut or Eucalyptus Mint! How dare you make such appealing scents, making the choice impossible?? I think I'm going to buy a few soon... Keep making your wonderful products!! (I know, i discarded the Lavender-Vanilla, it's the only two scents in the world that I can't stand! :P)