Saturday, June 20, 2009

First for Everything

Ok, so I have to admit, I have a newly aquired understanding of blogging. Until this year, it had been some vague anomoly that everyone seemed to know about, except me. The best part is, I am pretty computer savvy and have been utilizing blogs without even knowing what they were. All the how-to's, tutorials, and informational tidbits that I've accumulated bookmarks of? Blogs. I've decided, blogs can be pretty useful. I'm always looking for something all-natural, handmade, eco-friendly, organic, and such to indulge my body with. When we walk into a store, we mostly find processed, refined, bleached, injected, chemical laden, goods. Most of which are made using cheap, culture exploiting labor.

I'm blessed enough to live in Southern California, where we have many alternative health stores that carry food, clothes and beauty products made with natural and safe ingredients. For those who live in areas like where I'm from (a small North Carolina town), this can be a challenge. Thankfully, more and more Americans are becoming conscious of the long-term effects of these health-harming products and are opting to look for what mother nature intended. The online market is booming with such products. You have to put a little more effort into searching for what you want, but it will be well worth it. My goal is to use this blog to make it even easier for you to find these little-known treasures.

Here are a few from Etsy to start things off:

Thank you: infusion (Organic Essentia Satchel in Storm Blue), zelaya (racer back manta dress)lupin (Crimson Corsage, beaded felt flower brooch)

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  1. Great blog you have started. I appreciate your initiative! Thank you for featuring my organic essentia.