Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My tomatoes are growing!


Try as I might, I'm really not the best gardener. I'd really like to be. I pick up gardening magazines, pin gardening tips, and dream about my future edible backyard oasis. But every time I try to make my dreams a reality, I fail miserably. I've finally figured out why. I haven't yet stopped to really pay attention to what each plant needs. Plants are like children with their own personalities and desires. Some love water and others are picky eaters. Some love to play outside in the hot sun all day and others would rather be somewhere cool and shaded. I'm taking it slow and learning what each plant really needs so that I can someday have that dream garden. For now, I start humbly with tomatoes and basil. So far? I'm turning out to be a decent mom to them both. 

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