Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lil' Green Wagon

I found this gem while I was driving around town. I had to look twice because I couldn't believe it. A store front that is all about being green! This shop is filled with the most unique, eco-friendly items. Just big enough to be stocked full of all the necessities, from laundry detergent and cleaning products to lunch pails and children's toys, you'll wonder how you were able to spend so much time in such a compact place. The charming size of the Lil' Green Wagon makes it all the more eco-friendly, and gives me one more reason to love it. Marilyn, the store owner, made my experience even better. With a passion for the environment, she is working on bringing a refillable cleaning supply station to the Lil' Green Wagon so that her customers can reuse their containers and reduce waste. Brilliant!


  1. Wow, that's wonderful!

  2. That's my dream! I would love to be able to open up a little shop like that around here. This area is big on farm markets and Whole Foods Markets....but to really go out of their way for Eco and Green seems to be too much for a lot of my neighbours. Well done on finding this little gem!!!