Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fun New Shop Grand Opening


Bambu Vintage is up and running with some charming new items to start it off. I hope you all enjoy this collaboration of photos from my newest venture and take a few moments to meet Charlie, Bernard, Rachael, Snoopy, Gary, Diesel, and Salt and Peppy.

My creation

1. Bernard, 2. SaltyAndPeppy, 3. Snoopy3, 4. Rachael3


  1. Vintage and soap, very fun!

  2. You're photos are so very lovely! How do you handle so many shops at once?

  3. Your photos are darling! Not to mention the names. What a cute idea!

    Psst... You should post some of these vintage guys on my new site! (I'm hoping to get more vintage sellers on there soon so I can drop some hints before my August birthday! I'm after Snoopy there)